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Support Center

Below is a list of topics that may help you troubleshoot or resolve an issue. You may send us an e-mail to submit an issue or if you have feedback at [email protected].
Minimum System Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order to properly use the Flip Recorder:

  • A built-in or connected microphone and/or a built-in or connected webcam
  • A supported browser and device as listed below under Browser and Device Compatibility
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • A supported device with at least 2 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM
Posted on Aug 31 2020
Browser and Device Compatibility

Flip Recorder

The Recorder module that is used to record Flips uses modern technology and therefore requires that you use the latest version of a modern browser. Sometimes, the device you are using may prevent you from properly recording your Flip, even if you are using an approved browser.

Below is a list of supported browsers and versions:

  • Google Chrome - version 49+
  • Microsoft Edge - version 84+
  • Mozilla Firefox - version 79+
  • Opera - version 69+

The following browsers are not supported by the Flipped Recorder Module:

  • Safari
  • Older versions of Microsoft Edge below version 84

Flip Viewer

Viewing a Flip is generally compatible across all PCs and mobile devices.

Posted on Aug 31 2020
Minimum Requirement for Screen Resolutions

Flip Recorder

The Flip Recorder requires a minimum screen resolution of 1280x720. Many laptops and desktops provide the ability to "zoom in" and scale your screen up to increase readability. If your Recorder interface appears to be cut off in any area, please either increase your screen resolution, or reduce the zoom level of your screen.

Flip Viewer

Viewing a Flip is generally compatible across a wide array of screen resolutions, including on mobile devices.

Posted on Aug 31 2020
Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues, which we are working to resolve:

Viewing a Flip on an Android device

When viewing a Flip on an Android mobile device in portrait mode, changing the orientation to landscape mode automatically plays the video in fullscreen mode. If your Flip contains polls, this will prevent polls from displaying properly to the Viewer. Viewers can manually resolve this by exiting out of fullscreen video manually.

Flipped Admin interface and mobile devices

The user interface for managing and creating Flips is generally available for mobile devices. You can view and manage your Flips as well as view reports. However, creating and recording Flips is not yet fully supported. For the best experience, please use your laptop or desktop when creating Flips.

Posted on Aug 31 2020
File Uploads

The maximum size of files allowed for upload is 100 MB.

Posted on Aug 31 2020
PowerPoint and PDF File Conversion

Flipped allows users to add images and slides to their Flip during recording. Flipped supports PowerPoint (.ppt, pptx) and PDF files. When uploaded, Flipped converts these files into images behind the scenes. Depending on the size and number of slides of your presentation, the conversion process could take between a few seconds to a minute.

Posted on Aug 31 2020


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