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Flipped allows you to create engaging recorded lessons for both virtual and in-person classes. Mix video, slides, images and annotate as you record your lesson and add poll questions to assess learning!

Create & Record

Image showing the create interface

Create & Record

Create Flips by mixing your webcam video and audio, slides, images. Annotate your slides on the built-in whiteboard. No download or plug-ins required!

Edit & Add Polls

Image showing edit interface

Edit & Add Polls

When you are finished recording, you can add a description and set access settings. You can add poll questions at specific points in your Flip. Viewers will be prompted to answer your poll questions when they reach that point in the Flip.

View & Share

Image showing viewer interface

View & Share

Once you have published your Flip, distribute and share the Viewer URL. You can share your Flip via e-mail or post it on your favorite Learning Management System.


Image showing report interface


Track your students' progress over time. See who viewed your Flip and how long they watched. Assess learning by viewing responses to your poll questions.

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